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The Corn Mill Bunkhouse is situated on one of the 4 crofts with a total acreage of 360 hectares, which form part of the Bighouse Estates, worked by Sandy.  He  took them over from his father in 1975, in a family tradition of crofting which goes back several generations.  There are 30 hectares of grass land and 83 hectares of forestry, with the remainder consisting of rough grazing of heather upland.  Sandy also has shares on the Halladale and Havaig common grazing which is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and a Special Area of Conservation (SAC).


Sandy runs 400 North Country Cheviot ewes breeding replacement stock, while the remainder of the lambs are sold at sales during August, with 22 spring-calving cows, with the calves sold in November.  All the winter keep roughage in the form of pit silage, wrapped bales and hay bales is produced on the crofts, with the cows wintered inside or on the wood chip corral.


The 83 ha of woodland are made up of conifer and broadleaved plantings, shelterbelts, some amenity and Christmas trees.


Christmas Trees


Sandy is also a member of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association and produces around 2,000 lodge pole pine trees, ranging from 5ft to 9ft, for the local market.  He also produces a range of Christmas pine wreaths.  To place an order for local delivery, use the 'Contact us' form or call Sandy on 01641 571219 or 07592 510896.

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